Annual General Meeting Information


Orangeville Music Theatre has received the following names for the 2019/2020 season Board of Director executive positions. The nominees must be seconded by one other member. The member nominated for a position must signify their willingness to stand, either verbally, or in writing at the Annual General Meeting, being held on Aug 11, 2019. Each nominee will have the chance to address the audience in a short speech.


President Nominees
  Heather Holmes 
  Lucinda Silva


Treasurer Nominees
  Cathy Broom
  Kelly McDowell
  Lucinda Silva *

 Vice President (up to 2 possible)
  Jamie Connelly
  Elaine Whitehead
  Kelly McDowell *
  Tesha Mazur

 Heather Holmes*


Elaine Whitehead *
Tesha Mazur*


* Indicates the individual has been nominated for more than 1 position. If the individual is successful in obtaining the first position they will not be considered for the second position. Based on Article lll .5 of the Orangeville Music Theatre Consistution and By-laws

AGM 2019 Agenda

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