Auditions for Mamma Mia! will be held September 20 and 21st. 

Please be prepared to attend call backs on September 22nd from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.


Auditions will be held in 1.5 hour blocks.  Be prepared to be at the audition for the entire time.

Do not arrive more than 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time.

There will be 3 parts to the audition: choreography, music, and a cold read.

You must be in Grade 10 and older or turning 15 years of age by December 31, 2019 to audition.



You do not need to prepare a monologue for this audition. Cold reads will be held for those auditioning for named roles. Please review character descriptions below.



Prepare a song in the style of an upbeat 1970’s pop song.  Please bring your own karaoke backing track. No A Capella auditions.

If auditioning for a named role also be prepared to sing from the following:

Sophie: I Have a Dream

Sam, Harry, or Bill: Thank You For The Music

Sky: Lay all your love on me

 Pepper, or Eddie: Voulez Vous

Donna: Winner Takes All

Rosie or Tanya: Chiquitita

Ali or Lisa: Honey Honey



You will be taught a short dance routine and will then perform that routine in small groups for the artistic team.  Please come prepared for this including a pair of clean shoes suitable for dancing in.



Mamma Mia! Character Descriptions


Donna Sheridan: The owner of the Taverna on the Greek island. Sophie’s mother, (around 40). She is the former lead singer of “Donna and the Dynamos”. Honest, straight and hard-working, she is the most naturalistic and vulnerable of the characters.


 Sophie Sheridan: Donna’s headstrong 21-year-old daughter, Sophie is determined to have what her mother never had: a traditional family and a father to walk her down the aisle. Young, bright and energetic, she has lived all her life on the island and is ready to leave.


Tanya Cresham-Leigh: One of Donna’s oldest and best friends, Tanya (around 40) has married several millionaires. Wild, fun-loving and a big character, she flirts mercilessly with young men, happy to play, but not to stick around.


Rosie Mulligan: Donna’s friend (around 40). A former member of the Dynamos; unmarried, free-spirited and a renowned author of cookbooks. A character who has developed a confident, funny and self-deprecating exterior which masks her inner vulnerability. Mostly comical.


Sam Carmichael: One of Sophie’s potential fathers and a wealthy architect (40-50). Sam has regretted leaving Donna all his life and now finds himself divorced and back in her presence. He is straight-laced, confident and composed.


Harry Bright: Another of Sophie’s potential fathers and a respected London banker, (40-50). Once a head-banging, partying musician who went down the straight road - at least with his career. He is quirky, in the closet and something of a romantic nostalgist.


Bill Austin: Another of Sophie’s potential fathers, a well-known travel writer, Bill has visited the far reaches of the earth, but never found what he’s really looking for. A real character (40-50). Bill has generally avoided the complexities of a relationship and now wonders if it’s too late.


Sky: Sophie’s fiancé; a former stockbroker who moved to the island in a young version of a mid-life crisis. He is older than Sophie (25-32), but smitten by her exotic charm. Perhaps he is too eager to please and has not quite found all the answers he had hoped for on the island.


Ali & Lisa: Sophie’s friends who have traveled to the island for the wedding. (early 20’s). A supporting double-act of bubbly, bridesmaidy excitement, not necessarily gender-defined.


Pepper: A flirty waiter at the Taverna featured through his brief relationship with Tanya. (20-25). Hot, energetic and fun-loving.


Eddie: A waiter, boatman and handyman at the Taverna. (20-30, American)


Father Alexandrios: The minister who officiates Sophie’s wedding.


Ensemble: Males & Females, 15+: Guest at the wedding, Taverna etc.

  If you have any further questions or concerns please email

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